IPv6-based IoT Deployment Around the World

IPv6 Forum



Chair: Latif LADID, President, IPv6 Forum, Chair IEEE IoT subcommittee


Sureswaran Ramadass
The Asia perspective Dr. Sures Ramadass, Chair IPv6 Forum Malaysia

Geoff MulliganThe North American Perspective Geoff Mulligan, Founder & President, IPSO Alliance

Chris Uwaje
The African Perspective Chris Uwaje, Vice-Chair, Nigeria IPv6 Council, CEO of Mobile Software

Thee Latin American Perspective Rosa Delgado, Chair, Peru IPv6 Council

Yanick Pouffary
The European Perspective Yanick Pouffary, Chair, IPv6 Ready and Enable Program, Vice Chair ETSI IP6 ISG


This session will attract speakers from the 5 Continents to outline the deployment efforts of IPv6-based IoT research and best practices. The deployment in different countries is taking different shapes and forms considering the differing continental user requirements at this stage of deployment. This session will try to harmonize and draw a common roadmap for deployment of IoT networking capabilities and architectural definitions to make sure "Internet of Things" are scalable, inclusive of several communication media, secure, future proof and viable for businesses and end-users. Each representative will be asked to research his continent to outline the various IoT initiatives and industry showcases and various user requirements, challenges, security and privacy issues and obstacles that could enrich the discussion in this worldwide IoT session.