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The Global IoT Summit (GIOTS) is an international conference established to attract and present cutting-edge research results on the Internet of Things.



Video presentations

– Machine Learning for olive phenology prediction and base temperature optimisation – Noelia Oses, Izar Azpiroz, Marco Quartulli, Igor Garcia, Susanna Marchi, Diego Guidotti

– Analyzing using Software Defined Radios as Wireless Sensor Network Inspection and Testing Devices: An internet of Things Penetration Testing Perspective – George D. O’Mahony

– Data-driven energy resource planning for Smart Cities – Jose L. Hernandez

– Towards Consensus in IoT driven Business Ecosystem Research – Fabien Rezac

– A preliminary Evaluation of the SRE and SBPG Components of the IoT- HarPSecA framework – Musa G. Samaila, Carolina Lopes, Edi Aires, Joao B. F. Sequeiros, Tiago Simoes, Mario M. Freire, Pedro R. M. Inacio

– Secure bootstrapping and header compression for IoT constrained networks – Jesus Sanchez-Gomez, Dan Garcia-Carrillo, Rafael Marin-Perez, Ramon Sanchez-Iborra, Antonio Skarmeta

– Blockchain-Aided Flow Insertion and Verification in Software Defined Networks – Dr Jiejun Hu, Dr Martin Reed, dr Mays Al-Naday, Dr Nikolaos Thomos

– On the application of Policy-based Frameworks to Autonomous Vehicles – Gianmarco Baldini, Ricardo Neisse

– Analysis of Encrypted Traffic with time-based features and time frequency analysis – Gianmarco Baldini

– Adaptive Data Rate Techniques for Energy Constrained Ad Hoc LoRa Networks – Derek Heeger, Maeve Garigan, Jim Plusquellic

– Updating IoT devices: challenges and potential approaches – Jose Luis Hernandez-Ramos, Gianmarco Baldini, Sara N. Matheu, Antonio Skarmeta

– Virtual Sensor Creation to Replace Faulty Sensors Using Automated Machine Learning Techniques – Eushay Bin Ilyas, Marten Fischer, Thorben Iggena, Ralf Tonjes

– Evaluation Methodology for Distributed Data Usage Control Solutions – Gonzalo Gil

– IoT as a Digital Game Changer in Rural Areas: the DESIRA Conceptual Approach – Felice Manlio Bacco, Gianluca Brunori, Alessio Ferrari, Panagiota Koltsida, Eleni Toli

– Early prediction of winter cereals yield – Jose Ramon Luque Reyes, Emanuele Ranieri, Sara Antognelli, Salima Taibi, Andrea Cruciani, Antonio Natale, Diego Guidotti

– Accurate Power Consumption Evaluation for Peripherals in Ultra Low-power embedded systems – Gautier Berthou, Kevin Marquet, Tanguy Risset, Guillaume Salagnac

– Towards Retrainning of Machine Learning Algorithms – Jerome Treboux

– Trustworthiness in Supply chains – A modular extensible Approach applied to industrial IoT Juergen Neises, George Moldovan, Thomas Walloschke, Bianca Popovici

– Agri-food research Centres as Divers of Digital Transformation for Smart AgricultureJuan Antonio Martinez Navarro, Juan A. Lopez Morales, Antonio F. Skarmeta

– Decentralized Interledger Gateway Architectures in Authorization Scenarios with Multiple Ledgers – Vasilios A. Siris, Michails Tsenos, Dimitrios Dimopoulos, Nikos Fotiou, George C. Polyzos

– Multi-hop Data Fragmentation in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors Networks – Keun-Woo Lim, Katarzyna Kapusta, Gerard Memmi, Woo-Sung Jung

– Hybrid LoRaWAN Localization using Ensemble Learning – Zaeefa Pandangan, Marc Caesar Talampas

– IoT in the Context of Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation: the case of a traditional Brazilian wholesaler – Cesar Alexandre de Souza, Claudia Szafir-Goldstein, Annabeth Aagaard

– DPKI: A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure System – Alexander Papageorgiou

– Smart SDN Management of Fog services – Piotr Frohlich

– Webrtc Role in Real Time Communication and Video Conferencing – George Suciu, Stefan Stefanescu, Cristian Beceanu, Marian Ceaparu

– End-to-end Security Validation of IoT Systems Based on Digital Twins of End-devices – Laurent Maillet-Contoz, Emmanuel Michel, Mario Diaz-Nava, Paul-Emmanuel Brun, Kevin Lepretre, Guillemette Massot

– FI-WARE authorization in Smart Grid scenario – George Suciu, Mari-Anais Sachian, Cristiana Istrate, Alexandru Vulpe, Marius Vochin, Christos Xenakis, Aristeidis Farao

– Enabling Context-Aware Search using extracted Insights from IoT Data Streams -Valentinas Janeiko, Roonak Rezvani, Narges Pourshahrokhi, Shirin Enshaeifar, Marianne Krogаеk, Sebastian Christophersen, Tarek

Elsaleh, Payam Barnaghi

– Improved virtual Anchor selection for AR-assisted Sensors Positioning in Harsh indoor Conditions – Hong-Beom Choi

– Industrial IoT and Digital Twins for a Smart Facory – An open source toolkit for application design and benchmarking – Vignesh Kamath, Jeff Morgan, Ali Intizar

– Adaptation of EAP-NOOB Method for LoRaWAN with LO-CoAP-EAP and CBOR – Eduardo Ingles-Sanchez, Dan Garcia-Carrillo, Georgios Z. Papadopoulos, Nicolas Montavont, Antonio F. Scarmeta  Gomez

– Validation of Semantic Interoperability between IoT Platforms -Eftychia Lakka, Nikolaos E. Petroulakis, Emmanouil Michalodimitrakis, Manos Papoutsakis

– Self-Sovereign Identity for IoT:  A Perspective – Geovane Fedrecheski, Jan M. Ranbey, Laisa C. P. Costa Pablo C. Calcina Ccori, William T. Pereira, Marcelo K. Zuffo

– Towards a Blockchain-based Identity and trust management framework for the IoV Ecosystem – Anastasia Theodouli, Konstantinos Moschou, Konstantinos Votis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Jan Lauinger, Sebastien Steinhorst

– Survey of Internet of Things (IoT) Infrastructures for Building Energy Systems – Wahiba Yaici, Karthik Krishnamurthy, Evgeniy Entchev, Michaela Longo

– Towards Privacy-Preserving Local Monitoring and Evaluation of Network Traffic from IoT Devices and Corresponding Mobile Phone Application – Felix Klement, Henrich C. Pohls, Korbinian Spielvogel

– VIoT: Voice Over Internet of Things – Abdulkadir Karaagac, Pieterjan Camerlynck, Pieter Crombez, Jeroen Hoebeke

– Digital Metrology for the Internet of Things – Tuukka Mustapaa, Juuso Autiosalo, Pekka Nikander, Joshua Siegel, Raine Viitala

– Integrating IoT Monitoring for Security Operation Center – David Weissman, Anura Jayasumana

– IoT- enabled Smart Waste Disposal System: a Use Case for the Context Management Platform – Alireza Hassani, Alexey Medvedev, Arkady Zaslavsky, Annamalai Saravanan

– Communication Protocol for Unmanned Vehicles – A new architectural approach – Joao Ramos, Roberto Ribeiro, David Safadinho, Joao Barroso, Antonio Pereira

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